(for art that’s difficult to describe)

other/other/other is a new collective based in Norwich with the aim of providing discussion and support for artists in the region whose practice falls outside the remit of the existing art spaces. We believe that Norwich has a long way to go before sound art is recognised as being different from music, and before performance stops meaning spectacle.

If you are interested in being a part of this, come along to our first meeting where we will discuss what’s needed in the region, and introduce our work to each other. Bring a DVD of your work and be prepared to talk to us all for two minutes! It’s an informal meeting set up to gauge the scale of this kind of art activity in this region. If the rest of the country can do it, what has taken Norwich so long?

First meeting: Saturday 26th April 1pm-3pm, Norwich Arts Centre (upstairs dressing room), St Benedicts Street, Norwich NR2 4PG

Email otherotherother (at) live.com for more details.

other/other/other was founded by Dot Howard, Holly Rumble and Holly Sutton.