Calling Artists in the Eastern Region…

O/O/O Eastern Region Project
To take place in April/May 2009

Other/Other/Other is preparing a funding application for an exciting new project, and would like to hear from practitioners in the Eastern region. The artists will be commissioned to make a piece of live work in, and about, a place they have built a relationship with. The ‘performances’ will take place over a few weeks, linked by a widely distributed tourist map. We intend to create an alternative route around the region, taking in ephemeral events instead of permanent structures, developing the audience’s awareness of these alternative practices and of how buildings can be re-imagined. The map will show where the artists’ work is/was, including the live dates, and a website will be built to house documentation as it appears.

To be considered for the project please present a 300 word proposal, including the name of the place and your relationship to it, a single A4 CV, and 3 images of previous work.

When writing the proposal, please refer to the Other/Other/Other manifesto (on the “About” page). We support live, durational, and site-specific work. Please consider how the work will exist afterwards as documentation on the website. Do you want to make a straight video document, or would it be more appropriate to write about the experience? Let us know if you have made contact with the owner of the place, and have their support, OR if you are going to do a surreptitious work without their permission.

Deadline for proposals: 13th December
Email to: otherotherother(at)

We will be submitting our funding application in early January, based on these proposals.