Programme 22nd March 2009

Michael Ridge

Wrap Master

A sound piece using a contact mic and tin foil.

Mandy Roberts


A video created during a recent stint as a temp.

Rebecca Wigmore

Well Muse

Thoughts about cellulite.

Tristan Burfield

An electronic performance using vintage Commodore 64 chips.

Bev Broadhead

The wasps in the apple work their way to the centre

A silent video with live reading of a poem.

Holly Bodmer

Hush Kid

A short solo performance that physically and vocally explores the anticipation of telling a joke (a good joke).

Dot Howard, Michael Ridge, Holly Rumble

Longwinded in Five Parts

A preview of a collaborative performance in the SPILL National Platform.

John Boursnell

Interval Music

To be ignored throughout the event.

Please join us for a feedback session in the bar afterwards.