Other Past, Present and Future Things

No, we have not been doing nothing.

Some of us went to the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow thanks to a little bit of financial assistance from Colchester Arts Centre. Many thanks to Anthony!

We did a lovely and curious (but not public) performance event entitled House Call at Rebecca Wigmore’s house. Mandy Roberts, Becky, Holly Rumble, Michael Ridge, Hester Draycott and Holly “Bodders” Bodmer tried out some new, some revised and some house-inspired performance. These included:

Mandy getting pallet-wrap finger blisters
Hester offering milk to a vegan
Bodders offering tea to a pot plant
Michael ruining Becky’s Topshop account statement
Becky doing some cooking with (nearly) her entire family via Skype
Holly R divulging her obsessive word-reading

..and then we did a feedback session a couple of weeks later.


We are about to do a site-specific live art event on, in and at Norwich Arts Centre on SATURDAY 3rd JULY.
More info about this event will be posted soon.


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