ooo first site night

other/other/other present first/site/night

Firstsite, Colchester
Friday 15th February 7-10pm
£5 entry, includes refreshments

other/other/other are taking over Firstsite for the first time. We are making work which responds to the current exhibition “Nigel Henderson and Eduardo Paolozzi: Hammer Prints Ltd 1954-75” and to the amazing architecture of the Firstsite building.

Featured works, occurring across the evening:

Dot Howard: To Be Heard and Seen

Join Dot Howard on (or under) Firstsite’s hammer-print beanbags to create roaming complimentary soundtracks to the exhibits. Inspired by the re-occurring icons of bicycles, bugles, clocks and revolvers in the Hammer Prints designs, “communicative” blasts will be made by hands and heads that protrude from beneath blobby forms.

Kate Hodges: Hammered

One woman + One white jumpsuit + One hammer + One objective + One outcome

Holly Rumble: Sea Beasts

Inspired by the “Sea Beasts” Hammer Prints, this short film uses macro photography and torchlight to reveal the surface textures of marine exoskeletons. The sound track has been approached in the same manner: textures of tiny sounds recorded using sand, shells and beach pebbles.

Kayla St.Claire: Peeling Back The Layers

I will inhabit the interior surfaces of the space, like wallpaper inhabits the wall!

Mandy Roberts: Toilet Tours

Join the Toilet Tours for colourful explorations of territory ordinarily out of bounds!

Michael Ridge: Fuse

Fuse is a response to the complex curves and angles at Firstsite

Vicki and Noah Weitz: Map: Stamp: Pattern

When you pass the Map take a minute to Stamp your journey on it, then stand back and look at the Pattern you’ve made

Holly Bodmer: Site-Reading

Audio accompaniments to the following individual artworks including ‘Sea Beasts’ and ‘Toys’ available on request from reception.

Our event on the Firstsite website:


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