House Call, November 2014

On 29th November we did a House Call at Mandy Roberts’ house in Norwich. After tea and cake we spent an hour investigating her house and devising a piece of work, which we then shared with each other.

otherotherother 2 otherotherother 3 otherotherother

In the dining room, Holly Rumble used a steel bucket and a coffee grinder to make a looped sound piece, which played as she invited the others to select a paper rubbing of a texture in the house and find its source.

Holly Rumble 2 Holly Rumble 3 Holly Rumble

John Boursnell made a short table top performance using text from Shock of the New, and various objects standing in for the art figures mentioned in the text.

John Boursnell 2 John Boursnell 3 John Boursnell

Mandy Roberts drew around stains in the plaster and framed them with embroidery hoops, placed small objects into cracks in the wall, and made a short video investigating larger cracks in the stairwell.

Mandy Roberts 2 Mandy Roberts 3 Mandy Roberts 4 Mandy Roberts 5 Mandy Roberts 6 Mandy Roberts 7 Mandy Roberts

In the stairs, Holly Bodmer traced the pattern on the wallpaper to make a stair carpet for the house.

Holly Bodmer 2 Holly Bodmer

In the front room, Kate Hodges assembled an assortment of tiny objects on a turntable, using the house light and a magnifying glass to create a miniature spotlight.

Kate Hodges 2 Kate Hodges 3 Kate Hodges


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