Exhibition opportunities begin with works being devised, developed and made as a group where possible. Creative collaboration doesn’t necessarily mean compromising and a collaborative project doesn’t have to result in a jointly made artwork.

We will share space during the making of work and the exhibiting of work to ensure every member commits to the other/other/other ethos:

Group aim/purpose:

To stimulate and support the location-responsive/durational art scene in Norwich
To provide regular peer discussion
To hire unusual spaces for regular opportunities to make site-specific works
To provide opportunities for collaboration between practitioners
To enable the public to access less traditional art-forms, and developing a regular, sustainable audience in Norwich
To network and liaise with regional institutions and venues, and maintain a dialogue with venue directors

Type of work we show/make as a group:

Site-specific/responsive and durational work (intervention/performance/installation/sound)

What we don’t show/make:

Non-site-specific work: work that doesn’t reference the space in which it is created or shown
Art forms that already have an established scene in Norwich (e.g. straight/traditional theatre, music, painting, photography, or sculpture)